Zak Hartzell on a road in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Creative Writing CV


Time Magazine’s World’s Coolest Places 2019. The overarching narrative for Otherworld came about through collaboration with artists, engineers, and an operations director. In conjunction with these folks, I wove a purposefully fragmented master narrative into the overall experience of what is now a 32,000 sq. ft. interactive installation.

A blue and purple space with people walking around.

Dustbowl Children

This essay follows a cross-country Greyhound trip in the middle of a record-setting snowstorm. It was anthologized in a collection called The Year through Texas literary publication Crack the Spine.

The Year A Crack the Spine Anthology

Out of Love

This poem is slated for release in Carnegie Mellon University’s Oakland Review | Fall 2023 Edition

Carnegie Mellon University emblem.

Cheyenne Smith

This snapshot of an interpersonal moment at a bus station in Georgia is mostly true. It was kindly included in a summer journal from Corpus Callosum Press.

A dirt road winding through hilly plains with the text, "Plainsongs Summer 2021" in white.


This short exploration of the ephemeral made its way into a publication from Rubbertop Review out of the University of Akron in Ohio.

Rubbertop Review Volume 11


This collaboration with Trapped Columbus was my first project in the interactive narrative space. I wrote, sold, and acted in this script about a hungover band manager.